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Modern Milkman

We were invited by The Modern Milkman to pitch for an insight and brand development project they were undertaking. The ethos behind the company, founded in 2018, was to encourage the reduction of single use plastic by delivering milk direct to the doorstep in reusable and plastic free packaging.

Modern Milkman were in the process of rebranding and had developed a new brand positioning and a number of possible brand identities and associated messaging. They needed to understand which of these routes their customers would most engage with and ultimately enable them to achieve their 5-year business strategy. They also wished to use the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into who their key customers were, how they and potential customers felt about the brand and what were the key drivers and barriers to a doorstep delivery service.

We recommended a two-stage process, firstly a qualitative phase to explore reactions to the band and creative concepts followed a quantitative stage to deliver robust data on which key business decisions could be based. The qualitative exploration was undertaken via online, one to one depth interviews with both customers and potential customers. The insight from this stage was used to both refine the creative concepts and develop the content of the quantitative surveys. Two online surveys were then undertaken, one with existing customers and one with potential customers, via an online panel. We also boosted the panel survey with those who currently take doorstep deliveries from competitors. Mosaic codes were then appended to both surveys in order for geo-demographic analysis of the findings to be undertaken. In total we engaged with over 4000 individuals across the project with the customer survey delivering a double-digit response rate.

The key market insights gained from the research were delivered back to core personnel within the company via a number of tailored repots and online presentations to underpin the brand strategy and inform the acquisition strategy.  The communications feedback was shared directly with the creative team during a series of working sessions and a new brand identity and messaging hierarchy was launched.

We have continued to work with Modern Milkman on a number of projects including both brand tracking and new product development.