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A Nationally Representative Sample

Voices4all aim is to make ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability (in addition to age, gender, region and social grade) quotas a minimum requirement for all NatRep research samples.

They have researched and gathered the latest government data to inform the best possible approach to deliver the most representative national sample for UK research. The key area of focus is achieving representation of minority groups (alongside the traditional quotas of age, gender, region and social grade). Our sources and the related minority groups areas are:

  • Ethnicity taken from the 2011 Census.
  • Sexual Orientation taken from the 2017 Office of National Statistics NPS Data
  • Disability taken from 2011 Census, as well as elements of the forthcoming 2021 Census.

Voices4all have stated that these sources are the most current and trusted sources that we can benchmark our approach to at this point in time. They will review their setup each year as new government data becomes available to ensure that it is as up to date as possible.

They have aimed to provide robust base sizes so that minimal weighting is required, and that the final data set delivers the best-case share of voice whilst minimising the margin of error.

Download their guides to help you with demographic questions here, and quota set up, sampling and weighting here.