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A Nationally Representative Sample

The MRS undertakes a commercial benefits study using a truly representative national sample. A couple of years ago we highlighted Voices4all’s campaign to make ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability (in addition to age, gender, region and social grade) quotas a minimum requirement for all NatRep research samples. The MRS have joined the crusade and in the latter part of 2022 undertook a commercial benefits study to explore and define what commercial benefits are being missed within the traditional approach to Nationally Representative UK adult sample.

The MRS state that the UK the industry standard for a Nationally Representative UK adult sample has historically been based on age, gender, location, and sometimes socioeconomic status – however this overlooks a host of minority groups, from ethnic minorities to the LGBTQIA+ community and those with disability, whom in total represent about 30% of the population.

The conclusion of the report were as follows:

  • Unconscious Bias is established when unfounded opinions become beliefs
  • There is no genuine barrier to any industry stakeholder including Minority Groups in our base level Nat Rep Methodology for Online UK Research
  • There is a clear and strong commercial opportunity to access and understand the currently untapped views of these groups which collectively make up a third of the UK Population
  • This more inclusive approach is available in todays market and carries no cost premium

For full details of the report please visit the MRS website.